These are the sounds of silence and silence broken—the sounds of time passing, a cool breeze in the air, ice cracking, snow melting, fire burning and a hot finnish sauna in the dead of winter. This is the outside and the inside—artists in their studios, the buzzing of fans, glass and metal bowls from the kitchen, musical instruments, a reed organ, and the resonant spaces that give shape to every sound within their grasp.

This is a collaboration and these are the voices of thirteen artists from around the world at a single place and moment in time. Recorded in Haukijärvi, Finland November 2016 as part of the SILENCE | AWARENESS | EXISTENCE residency program at Arteles Creative Center. 



Jeppe Andersen (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Brandon A. Dalmer (Toronto, Canada)
Cynthia Huntington (Post Mills, Vermont, USA)
Byungwook Jang (Seoul, Korea)
Dani Minuskin (Canada)
Nathaniel Ober (Van, USA)
Ditte Rasmussen (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Kate Robinson (California, USA)
Hannah Secord Wade (USA)
Juana Subercaseaux (Santiago, Chile)
Cissi Tsang (Perth, Australia)
Rieko Tsuji (Tokyo, Japan)
Vero Vandegh (Ecaussinnes, Belgium)