IMRC Center, University of Maine.

I was selected as resident researcher at the Innovative Media, Research and Commercialization Center (IMRC Center) from October to December, 2015. The work I developed while I was there was made possible with support from an amazing team of individuals and wonderful facilities. The studios include a well-equipped Wood Shop, a CNC Lab, Laser Cutter Lab, Electronics Lab, and a Fabrication Lab with an enormous array of 3D printers. I tried to make use of all of these facilities in order to bring some new musical instruments to life.

I am currently developing an electro-acoustic tanpura that will be played by a user’s brainwaves through an EEG Headset. I used a combination of traditional woodworking and laser cutting to create the bodies of these instruments. I dabbled a bit with acoustic designs for speakers, and made a few Mbiras from a coconut we ate one night. I also gave presentations and ran a workshop series, which included circuit bending, field recording, building contact mics, and a basic circuit design workshop using the 555 IC chip.

(Photos: Gene Felice)