“The Control Room” is an interactive video installation that creates a centralized view port for the entire archive of information that surrounds the larger group show that encompasses this piece, entitled “Working Frameworks”.

“The Control Room” can be thought of as a technological support network that crosses temporal as well as spatial expanses. It creates an installation out of the entirety of the work from all of the artists involved. It does this through the manipulation of live, archived and re-processed imagery. It also asks questions about the nature of documentation vs. surveillance and pushes the boundaries of their relationship. This installation blurs the lines between documenting the work and invading the privacy of our everyday lives. Every artist and viewer becomes part of the installation as they interact with it or even by simply passing through the space in the midst of the their everyday lives.

You are being recorded, but who is watching? By introducing the connection to the outside world, through the expanse of the Internet, the possibilities become endless.


Working Frameworks 2006 from Nathaniel I Ober on Vimeo.